Ciara Graces The Cover Of Ebony Magazine & Reveals What Self-Care Looks Like To Her

September is self-care awareness month and who better to grace the cover of Ebony Magazine and talk about self-care other than Ciara?

The 36-year-old mother, wife, entrepreneur and entertainer talked with Ebony Magazine about her new skincare line, her vision for a more inclusive fashion and beauty industry, and how she has manifested her dreams into a lasting legacy for herself and her family.

Source: Keith Major @KeithMajor / Ebony Magazine

Ciara has been in the music game for 18 years now and has evolved her sound, style and way of life over the years. Outside of working on her upcoming eighth album, she’s also making a name for herself in the liquor industry. She is an investor and co-owner of Ten To One Rum, she just launched her new skincare brand On a Mission (OAM for short), and has her own clothing line LITA by Ciara as well as The House of LR&C, a sustainable fashion house she co-founded with her husband in 2020.

Our girl has been extremely busy and sticking on the subject of fashion, she and stylist Alexander Julian (stylist assistant, Chloé Lucan) did not disappoint! The pop-star served up looks from designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Sacai, Laquan Smith and more!

Source: Keith Major @KeithMajor / Ebony Magazine

Source: Keith Major @KeithMajor / Ebony Magazine

Ebony asked what it was like being in the spotlight with so much scrutiny and growing into her confidence under the public eye. “In the beginning, it was challenging living my life in front of the world. It made me way more guarded. Even when you have your ugliest moments that you wish no one else could see, you don’t have a choice. My philosophy is to run towards my fears and the things that make me uncomfortable, so I was running for a while.”

Eventually, I was like, “You know what, this is who I am and either you like it or you don’t.” I can’t live my life based off what someone thinks, or someone else’s comments. Then suddenly, I’ll start thinking that in my mind because words are powerful.

If you’re a fan of Ciara, you know that she is a spiritual person and speaks very frequently and unapologetically about her relationship with God. She was able to overcome these trails by tapping into her spiritual side and said to herself, “I am who God says I am. God loves me. I’m good.”

If you haven’t heard “Ciara’s Prayer” yet and are waiting on “Mr. Right” you might want to check it out, memorize it and say it everyday! She has attributed her constant prayers to the success of meeting her husband, Russell Wilson.

When asked what’s her advice on finding a partner that feels like an equal she answered, “Don’t ignore the signs. Sometimes we want to make things happen with people who only check off a few boxes. Conversation is everything. The first day my love and I talked, I had never had a conversation like that with any other person. You have to really listen to what people are saying…It’s less about words—because people will sell you a dream—and more about what they do.”

So how does Ciara balance being a multi-hyphenate mogul and manage to keep her skin glowing and self-care in tact? Realizing that she needed to take better care of her skin and creating her own skincare line, “On A Mission.”

“Being a mom and an entrepreneur, you’re going through the motions. But at the same time, we’ve got to love on ourselves in the process. So this is a part of my journey of loving on myself.

She revealed that she always wanted to create a collection that was made with amazing products to help give your face a glow up and level up your skincare routine. All of the products are clinically tested and dermatologically based, which was important to her. She explained that there was a lot of thought and intentionality put into the products, down to the textures.

OAM is now available for purchase at On A Mission’s website.

As for when fans will receive new music, Ciara reassured that the album is on the way and that it feels nostalgic.

It takes me back to my first album in a way that no project I’ve done to this point has before.

Source: Keith Major @KeithMajor / Ebony Magazine

Source: Keith Major @KeithMajor / Ebony Magazine

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