Break Bread, Bigots! Court Decides Tesla Must Pay Black Ex-Employee $137 Million Over Racist Abuse

Cut the check.

Source: Sean Gallup / Getty

Back in 2017, BOSSIP reported on the racist abuse that Owen Diaz, his son Demetric, and third man named Lamar Patterson were dealing with while employed by Tesla. All three men are African-American and they detailed their experience in a filing with Alameda County Courts. If you want to read the egregious list of infractions we highly suggest you check out our article HERE.

According to CNBC, this story has a 9-figure happy ending. On Monday, a San Francisco federal court decided that Tesla must pay Owen Diaz $137 million for his pain and suffering under their watch. Yes, you read that correctly. A Black man is being paid $137 million because his former employer failed to properly address its racist employees.

That’s finger-lickin’ good.

Diaz testified that his former colleagues told him to “go back to Africa” but with the type of money that Tesla is about to pay him, he could be King of Zamunda.

The CNBC article specifies that Tesla has a mandatory arbitration policy that pushes employees to settle these types of disputes behind closed doors. Because of that, they don’t often face these types of stiff penalties for their apathy.

We hope other employees grab Tesla by the ankles and shake the paper out.

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