BOSSIP Horoscopes By Zya: Week Of October 10 – October 16

Happy Sunday! What better way to plan for the week ahead than by checking what the stars have in store?

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Astro Overview:

Values around love, family and commitment really take center stage as we continue to ride the waves of Venus in Sagittarius and the triple hit of Mercury, Sun and Mars STILL in Libra. We are being pushed to look back at previous choices and see where cycles and patterns need to be deleted or at least honored and then modified. We are also being asked to step out of our collective comfort zones when it comes to romance and money/work. Balance is the central goal across all signs.

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If your sex life has been drying up as of late, the universe is ready to get you back out there. Don’t ignore those harmless flirtations that come your way from some of the most unexpected places I.e. co-worker, neighbor, pool cleaner. Venus in Sagittarius wants you to stay completely open, while using sound but not superficial judgement. If you’re partnered and dealing with a dry spell – this retrograde is the time to reevaluate whether the partnership is really working for ya’ll’s mutual benefit.

Red Flag: Your old habits especially in the boudoir are sucking the life force out of you and aging you before your time.

Sweet Spot: An edgy new makeover before the New Year both on the home and physical front will go a long way for 2022 and beyond.

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Your heart chakra needs a boost. Too many of you are not being vulnerable enough to either let love in or let love in more deeply if you’re already boo’d up. Please understand that in order to experience an amazing love you have to know that the risk is the potential to experience terrible hurt. The question the universe wants you to ask yourself: “Does sitting on the fence hurt more or less than going without what I truly desire romantically?” Hop off the fence and lean in.

Red Flag: Nothing changes when we sit in continuous indecision.

Sweet Spot: There’s someone standing by ready give you your deepest heart’s desires. Take the leap.

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This week you come up for air at least emotionally and it’s a good thing. Leverage this retrograde in your compatible sign of Libra to relinquish degrading habits related to consumption across the board. Start fresh with an updated dietary and fitness regiment, while selling back those quirky and cool vintage and second hand items that you truly never wear.

Red Flag: Work your personal re-vamp plan in secret to avoid derailment and unsuccessful opinions. Do a pop-out on folks in the Spring and let them gag on the new you.

Sweet Spot: A theme of minimalism incorporated into your everyday from what you eat to what you wear goes a long way to making you feel emotionally centered.

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Feeling frisky looks to be a common theme for you this week through the end of the month. Channel that energy with new games in the bedroom and new ideas in the boardroom. If you’ve been stagnant, take a sensual body movement class to get your juices flowing in all directions.

Red Flag: Due to the retrograde you may misinterpret someone’s true intentions. Lean into that bold Aries charm and ask them straight up with they want. You may be disappointed but at least you’ll be clear on what the real deal is.

Sweet Spot: Singles, that sensual sacral chakra energy is making you magnetic romantically, bask in the attention while holding space and expectation for a long lasting love. For those in a committed relationship, the universe encourages you to seek and initate new heights and thrills with your partners.

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Rest and relaxation is what you really need Taurus. This is especially true for those who feel that their eating or stress has been on over drive for the past few weeks. Try to dip away for a quick trip but if you can’t, set sacred space with a cleansing herbal bath, your fave bottle of personal wine and a good book. Stay off the devices for 48 hours for a much needed refresh. If you’re lucky enough to live by nature go spend time in it and recharge your auric field.

Red Flag: If you don’t take a breather you’ll find yourself resenting your piled on holiday duties.

Sweet Spot: Rest now to avoid further burnout. You don’t need much activities or time to get your bounce back.

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Your inner child is calling for attention. If you find yourself feeling “off” or angry or just generally “not good” it’s simply your inner child tugging on your hemline asking for attention. Many of you need to reparent yourselves around the areas of self-care and self-love. This Libra housed Mercury Retrograde is it great time to do so.

Red Flag: Healing and growth takes time. Be patient with any perceived set-backs.

Sweet Spot: Confide in a few trusted friends that can lead you to the right team of healers.

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With both Venus in Sagittarius and a Mercury Retrograde, your emotions around romance and sensuality may be treading new terriority — which is great! Many Cancer’s are secretly quite adventurous when it comes to love making which will dovetail nicely with Venus urging you to try new horizons in this arena. Don’t be shy and remember to have fun!

Red Flag: Try not to judge and shame any unusual fetishes that you have. If your partner isn’t down, find one who is or find a common middle ground between you two.

Sweet Spot: Run fully but mindfully into your most sensual desires! You’ll find that your more at peace by not denying your desires.

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Check in with your partner this week to make sure their needs are being met. Leo’s are very good at making sure you get what you need, which means your normal default is “taker” and while this serves you well, if you’re partnered, they may be feeling a bit undervalued this week. Learn the art of compromise and you’ll find that your relationship hums along easily. Single Leo’s get clear on your boundaries and heartfelt wants and leverage this Venus in Sag energy to refresh your love life by going out to be seen by and snag up new potential love interests.

Red Flag: Self-care must be balanced with supporting the needs of your loved ones.

Sweet Spot: Now’s the time to get you a winter cuddle buddy or better yet start to build something long term with someone new. Singles get out there!

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Your nervous system has been on high alert for the past few months, mainly because you’re energetically picking up the stressful vibes of the planet. This isn’t sustainable and unfortunately many of you don’t realize consciously what is happening. Take some time for mindful self care and rotate in a Reiki session with acupuncture and maybe pick up and use an adult coloring book.

Red Flag: The signs of an inflamed nervous system may be not be fully apparent to you just yet – but take a look at your reoccurring thoughts and patterns – are they mostly positive or slightly pessimistic?

Sweet Spot: Retrogrades are great for looking backwards and tidying up or cutting out any pieces that simply don’t fit who you are at the moment.

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While in the middle of your amazing birthday month, take some time for self-reflection. At the start of your new year, you have the awesome opportunity – especially with the planetary alignments to take just about everything in your life to the next level. However, it’s going to take a ton of focus on building a foundation and making sure that your goals are truly aligned with what makes you happy on a soul level.

Red Flag: You’ll be distracted easily this week and that’s fine, just keep your to-do-list handy and keep knocking things off of it.

Sweet Spot: Indulge your love for collecting shiny, sparkly things and create a manifestation scrap book for your over-the-top dreams for 2022.

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If you’ve been ping-ponging between trying to be there for others and yourself – compromise— by giving yourself scheduled “me time,” and make sure all parties honor your break. It appears that you’ve been the emotional support system for a ton of folks since the start of the Pandemic but haven’t received much in return. Re-gather your tribe and make sure mutual support is your biggest birthday wish for your upcoming season.

Red Flag: Like a few other Zodiac signs you’re experiencing burnout but yours is more on the emotional plane. Take it slow.

Sweet Spot: It looks as though someone in your tribe will actually treat you to a trip as a birthday gift – if so be sure to say thank you — while packing your bags!

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Exotic locales are about to start call your name and that lets you know that your “travel gypsy” soul is fully on its way back. Start planning a bday road trip – whether it’s solo or with your crew- because it looks like it’s going to be a marvelous time. Also consider doing a silent meditation retreat for some much needed introspection. Don’t worry, you can plan an over-the-top rum fueled party afterwards.

Red Flag: Don’t ignore your soul’s craving for travel.

Sweet Spot: With that in mind, it doesn’t have to be a big foreign trip…even a local trip to a local tourist attraction will suffice.


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