Blue Bigotry: California Cop Involved In Shooting Outed Over Racist Texts, ‘I Hate Black People’

Source: Douglas Rissing / Getty

If you actually believed that police officers are the heroes and pillars of society, allow this story to be the fifty-leventh example that this is just not true.

A former California police officer quit his job at the San Jose Police Department earlier this month when he was outed for sending numerous texts messages littered with racist slurs and hatred toward Black people. According to Inside Edition, Mark McNamara resigned suddenly after Internal Affairs discovered that he sent a text that read, “I hate Black people.” Other racist texts were sent subsequent a March 27, 2022 shooting where McNamara killed a football player named K’aun Green.

The next day, McNamara wrote in a text, “N***a wanted to carry a gun in the Wild West. Not on my watch,” according to the chief’s statement.

B-b-b-b-but wait, it gets worse!

Another text appears to reference Green and his attorney. “The other day this n**s lawyer is like Mr McNamara, you know we can still find you guilty of excessive force right? I’m like, hmmm yeah then (what) happens?? Think I give a f**k what y’all n**s think?!???? I’ll shoot you too!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!”

Green was shot four times after waving a gun inside of a local taqueria. No charges were filed against McNamara or other officers on the scene and the shooting was ruled “justified.”

San Jose Police Chief Anthony Mata says, “I don’t stand for this. It’s disgusting and horrible that we have an officer that thinks that way”. However, Chief Mata also says that this incident was “not a sign of a larger issue.”

Sure, Jan.

We report on these types of stories every single day on BOSSIP. These paid abusers aren’t “bad apples”, they’re cops. This is what they do.

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