Black Lives Matter: Tyre Nichols’ Family To View Body Camera Footage Of Memphis Police Fatally Beating Him, Public Release Soon After

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Last week, BOSSIP reported on the death of Tyre Nichols who died after two “confrontations” with Memphis police officers following a traffic stop. Today, we have an update to that story that is going to make you even angrier and more outraged.

The body camera footage of the fatal incident will soon be released to the public but not before Tyre’s family views the video in full this afternoon according to Fox13Memphis. Following their viewing, the family will speak at a press conference alongside ubiquitous civil rights attorney Ben Crump.

Word is that the video is very, very bad and is drawing comparisons to the infamous Rodney King footage.

“I have spoken to several people who have actually seen the video. … I have been told it’s disgusting, it’s damaging; it’s not good even slightly,” said district two Councilman Frank Colvett, Jr. in a phone interview with FOX13.

What we find even more disheartening and despicable is that the five officers who allegedly killed Tyre are all Black men…

These 5 pigs brutally murdered a Black man after a traffic stop. He had no record. He was loved by his family and community. After seeing pictures of his injuries, I won’t be watching the video footage. #TyreNichols should be alive today #AbolitionNow #DefundThePolice

— FJ Be Dissertatin’ (@FeministaJones) January 22, 2023

During the summer of protest in 2020, while many called for the complete abolition of police departments nationwide, others asked that if abolition were not a viable option, more Black people be hired to police Black neighborhoods. The idea is that perhaps *we* would treat each other with more empathy and compassion.

So much for that rose-tinted idea…

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