Mac Engel: TCU trusted a college kicker all the way to 11-0, and avenged 61-58 with a Brazos Miracle

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Fort Worth Star-Telegram

WACO, Texas — There is no way to simulate the chaotic hell that TCU was in on Saturday afternoon in Waco at McLane Stadium. This was not a Thursday afternoon practice fire drill kick. This kick was a late November game-on-the-line everything. An undefeated season. The playoffs. A shot at a national championship. TCU coach Sonny Dykes trusted a college kicker to keep this all going. That takes practice. Guts. Courage. Faith. Heart. Some stupidity. Maybe a fifth of tequila. “Griff’s gonna go win the game,” TCU quarterback Max Duggan thought as kicker Griffin Kell and the special teams ran onto t…

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