Heidi Stevens: New Legos line celebrates wider spectrum of human experience. It’s not ‘woke.’ It’s awake.

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Tribune News Service

Avoiding Fox News is my self-care. (Time is tight. You do what you can.) But a friend recently shared an article about the network’s hosts losing their marbles over a new line of Legos, and I couldn’t resist. I clicked. Legos were such a formative part of my kids’ childhood. Rainbow Loom and Orbeez and Play-Doh and slime (dear God, the slime) all came and went. But Legos? Legos stayed the course. Year after year after year. I still find little bricks in a couple of my purses. My mom still puts Legos in my brother’s Christmas stocking. He’s 52. Anyway, the new line of Legos includes characters …

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