Benjamin Hochman: With D’Moi Hodge rising, Mizzou basketball will beat Utah State in March Madness

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St. Louis Post-Dispatch

The way some people are talking, Mizzou men’s basketball isn’t playing Utah State but instead the Utah Jazz. The shooting! The spacing! The passing! The pacing! Utah State’s seeding must be a typo — that’s supposed to be a “1” not a “10,” right? Look, of course, Utah State is a respectable team. Its coach Ryan Odom is forever famous for an NCAA Tournament upset with UMBC. And the beloved stat site ranks Utah State as America’s 18th-best team (Mizzou is 51st). But Mizzou will win Thursday’s game. It might be super close. Then again, that’s when Mizzou thrives. The Tigers will win thi…

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