Auto review: High Five! Hyundai Ioniq 5 is a stylish, roomy and speedy EV

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The Detroit News

JULIAN, California — We’ve come a long way from Pious to Ioniq. Twenty years ago, the Toyota Prius sparked a green segment in the American car market. The stylish hybrid was gobbled up by granola chewers and became a hit, inspiring predictions from the pointy-head class that hybrids would dominate the market by 2020. Hybrid GMC Yukons, Ford Fusion hybrids, Chevy Volts came and went as the hybrid hype fizzled. Turns out, green is a niche like V-8s, diesel trucks, off-road dirt kickers. Now comes another green spasm and the market is flooding with battery-powered vehicles. But this time, the nic…

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